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  • IMPROVES GUT HEALTH - Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid produced in the colon. It supports the formation of friendly bacteria that enhances probiotics to help promote digestive health*. It is unlikely that you get enough butyrate from your food sources to be physiologically beneficial, making butyrate supplementation a prudent habit..
  • SUPPORTS DETOXIFICATION & WEIGHT LOSS: Butyrate helps cleanse the liver, the gall bladder, and the biliary tree*. It is also keto friendly and supports the removal of renegade fats that accumulate as we get older and increases leptin production to support healthy weight loss*. Balance your microbiome & get a Healthy inflammation response with BodyBio Butyrate..
  • Sodium Butyrate is recommended for persons who have low sodium levels, who sweat profusely from arduous exercise (longer than one hour), or from working in hot environments. Everyone can benefit from Butyrate, it is the fuel for a healthy gut..
  • NO FILLERS OR ADDITIVES: There is no way to achieve the powerful benefits of Butyrate without its distinctive, fermented scent. We do not use fillers or additives. All natural ingredients and free of wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, and resins..
  • NSF CERTIFIED: BodyBio is scientifically dedicated since 1995, BodyBio products are RESEARCH BACKED & QUALITY DRIVEN..
  • Imported from USA.
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BodyBio Butyrate with Sodium-Supports Healthy Digestion,Gut & Microbiome-Leaky Gut Repair-Control Bloating-Healthy Inflammation Response-Fuel for Healthy Gut-No Fillers or Additives-100 Capsules