• This is a Vegetarian product..
  • Catch Hing is a traditional in Indian masala found in all the kitchens across the country..
  • Hing can be used in preparation of almost any Indian dish..
  • Asafoetida (Hing) helps in digestion and relieves stomach gas..
  • This is a Jain product..
  • Net weight: 100 g.
  • Imported from INDIA.
Catch spices are ground using the unique state-of-the-art Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology, which prevents the evaporation of volatile and delicate oils from spices. Catch Spices thus retain the original aroma and wholesome flavour of authentic spices. Catch Spices are packed in food grade metal-lined cartons, flexible laminates and convenient composite cans available in a variety of pack sizes.