• Includes vivid colors.
  • Includes flexible formula.
  • Includes premium hobby paint.
  • Made in USA.
  • Ready to Spray.
  • Imported from USA.
From the Manufacturer --------------------- Spaz Stix Ultimate Black Backer is SAFE to use behind Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome. Ultimate Black Backer seals and protects the Mirror Chrome without taking away the reflective properties. May also be used to back Spaz Stix Color Change Paints. Specially formulated for use with Lexan plastic, the unique colors of Spaz Stix Paints make your hobby project stand out. Customize your body. For Interior applications where Lexan plastic serves as the clear coat, use Spaz Stix Surface Prep (SZX90500) to keep jobs swirl and fingerprint free. Use Spaz Stix Ultra Shine Clear Acrylic Enamel (SZX90109) to seal and protect from nitro fuel. For exterior applications, seal and protect your project with Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear Coat (SZX10900).

Spaz Stix Ultimate Backer for Mirror Chrome Airbrush Paint, Black, 2-Ounce