• High Quality Print.
  • Printed on High Quality canvas.
  • Comes in roll form.
  • As per Vastu 7 white horse painting with sun is good for financial growth & prosperity.
  • 12"x 24".
  • Imported from UK.
Art factory vaastu collection : vaastu shastra is a science based on positive energies that come from atmosphere- like solar energy , cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success. According to vaastu shastra ,five elements - earth, fire, water, wind and sky govern the principles of creation. Pictures and wall arts used for decorating the walls of a home or office have an enormous importance in vaastu shastra, as these pictures bring peace, prosperity, harmony, good fortune and financial stability in life. Art factory vaastu seven horse painting : horses, specifically 7 white galloping horses with rising sun in the background, have a great significance in vaastu. Horses, in vaastu, represent success and power. Feng shui recommends hanging horses' painting in the living room near the entrance of the house to activate wealth and good luck energy in your home. Feng shui horse painting is full of yang (positive) energy which intensifies good fortune and brings recognition luck, fame, and respect. It is advisable that while selecting the painting of galloping horses, it should be kept in mind that the horses should emote happiness in their expressions and not anger. Also take care to avoid hanging painting that consist of abstract broken images of horses as this creates a distorted image in the mind and may confuse chi energy (natural energy) to enter into your home. The direction of the galloping horses is very important. While hanging the painting, one should make sure that it faces one's home i.e. The horses coming towards your home and not away from your home. Our vaastu & feng shui collection is developed in consultation with vaastu & feng shui expert and are based on principals of vaastu & feng shui.

The Art Factory Seven Horse Vaastu Painting 24" x 12"