• Colored Washi tape White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue: Set of six, TEPRA Lite masking tape.
  • Great for labeling, decorations, and crafting.
  • Adhesion tape for Washi tape label printer, TEPRA Lite.
  • Made of thermal paper, with unique texture of Washi tape.
  • Tape Width: 15 mm (approx.0.6") X Length: 4 m (approx. 13.12').
  • Imported from USA.
TEPRA Lite tape is made of thermal paper. Exposing it under direct sunlight or strong light sources, high temperatures and humidity environments, or rubbing it with hard objects or against different surfaces, or leaving it in contact with hand lotions or similar medicinal products may cause the printed content to fade or damage the surface of the tape.

King Jim White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue, Set of six, TEPRA Lite Tape; for Label Printer TEPRA Lite

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