• HELPS AGAINST: Tongue snoring (i.e., you only snore while you sleep on your back), not suitable for treating sleep apnea..
  • GREAT COMFORT: Allows for lateral movements of the jaw and mouth breathing. Height of this mandibular advancement device is easy to trim (if necessary)..
  • TOP QUALITY: BPA- and latex-free. Made in the USA of soft, medical-grade synthetics, neutral in taste. Included in the delivery is a stable, blue storage box..
  • HOW TO USE: No prior fitting necessary – you can use the mandibular advancement device right after unpacking it! Begin with device #1 and place it in your mouth before you go to sleep. It moves your lower jaw forward by 2 mm and keeps your airways open to stop snoring. If that is not sufficient, switch to device #2 (6 mm mandibular advancement)..
  • FREE CONSICE BOOK: Additionally you will receive our 40-page snoring-guide (german/english) “What nobody tells you about snoring” free of charge. Learn more about common causes of snoring and what helps against snoring, so you soon can enjoy snore-free nights!.
  • Imported from UK.
What are the advantages of the ZQuiet anti-snoring devices compared to other methods? * Nasal dilators, nose clips and similar methods only help effectively if the cause is bad nasal breathing. ZQuiet approaches another snoring cause, namely “narrowed airways in the throat area”. The snoring aid ZQuiet opens up these airways in the throat area. * ZQuiet can be used immediately, no adjustment is necessary (different from thermoplastic snoring devices, which have to be heated and then adapted to the teeth). * ZQuiet can also stop snoring, which is independent of position, as it occurs not only in the supine position. It is therefore also suitable for those position independent cases where anit-snoring backpacks, anti-snoring pillows, anti-snoring t-shirts or anti-snoring clocks are not an option. * If you snore with an open mouth, then you should consider the snoring mouthpiece Somnipax. Then you may be experiencing the snoring cause "vibrant palate tissue", in this case Somnipax is more appropriate. How do I clean the devices? Clean the device each time after use with warm water and mild soap. Additionally a toothbrush can be used. Do not however use toothpaste, because it can change the color of the surface.

ZQuiet Set - 2 Snoring Mouth Guards to Stop Snoring (2 mm and 6 mm advancement)

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