• A proven effective treatment for molluscum contagiosum.
  • Easy to follow 14 day treatment.
  • As prescribed and recommended by doctors.
  • Can be used by children over the age of 2 years.
  • Two different applicators included in pack.
  • Imported from UK.
Treatment of Molluscum contagiosum Molluscum contagiosum is a benign and highly contagious viral skin ailment, generally affecting the skin and sometimes the mucosa, and which has been constantly increasing over the past 10 years, particularly in children with atopic skin. Molutrex is very simple to use: 1 to 2 applications daily until redness appears (usually after 2 to 10 days). No rinsing required. It can be used on the face and body (except around the eyes and on the mucosa) in adults and children over the age of 2 years. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1/ Before the first use: Replace the bottle cap with the childproof cap equipped with the brush. This box also contains a fine applicator for more precise application on the very small molluscum contagiosum. 2/ Applying Molutrex: Open the bottle, place it on a flat surface to prevent spillage and dip the brush or the fine applicator into the solution. Wipe off any excess from the brush or the fine applicator on the rim of the bottle to prevent drop forming. Use the brush or the fine applicator to apply the product free of excess to the Molluscum contagiosum, without bringing it into contact with healthy skin. Dip the brush or the fine applicator into the product again every 2 or 3 applications. Securely replace the childproof cap after each use. 3/ Drying: Leave it to dry. When using on a child, ensure that the child does not touch the treated area while the product is drying. 4/ Repeat application 1 or 2 times per day: Repeat application on the same Molluscum contagiosum for several days until inflammation (redness) occurs, which is usually after 2-10 days. 5/ Ceasing application: Cease applying Molutrex to a particular Molluscum contagiosum when inflammation occurs. This is a sign that the Molluscum contagiosum papule will disappear after 2 to 6 weeks.

Molutrex Molluscum Treatment 3ml