• 💅 PROFESSIONAL SOAK OFF GEL POLISH REMOVER - Professional quality gel polish remover for manicures and pedicures..
  • 💅 100% PURE ACETONE - Strong and reliable, used by nail techs and salon professionals. No nasty additives, parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol or mineral oil..
  • 💅 REMOVES ALL TYPES OF NAIL POLISH - Soaks off nail polish, gel polish, varnish, glitter, sticker, nail tips, acrylics, fibreglass and even nail glue..
  • 💅 FAST & EASY GEL POLISH REMOVER - Dissolves quickly without damaging the natural nail..
  • 💅 PROFESSIONAL SALON QUALITY - Mylee provides salons, professionals and Nail Art enthusiasts with leading manicure and pedicure products. From prep and shine products made from the leading ingredients in the market, to state of the art cleaning equipment, left over skin removers and more. Mylee covers every step of manicures and pedicures with the leading equipment in the market to achieve the best results..
  • Imported from UK.
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Mylee Gel Polish Remover Acetone 250ml, Salon Professional UV LED Nail Polish Cleaner for Manicures and Pedicures