• Allows the true flavour and aroma of the coffee to be released.
  • Precious metal filter foil invented and unique to Swissgold.
  • Guarantees that no other flavour is added to your coffee.
  • Reusable so no need for paper filters. More taste, no waste!.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Made in Switzerland and hand assembled.
  • Imported from UK.
Serious coffee aficionados understand the need for a serious, permanent filter system. The true magic is the precious metal scientifically engineered foil filter. The precisely designed openings of the SwissGold® permanent filter hold back only the unwanted solids, while allowing the desirable flavour carriers to pass through for a perfect cup every time. This set from swissgold® is ideal for home or office. The KF 300 One-Cup permanent filter set is quick and easy to use and produces an exquisite cup of coffee. Simply fill the filter with coffee grounds, then place the water regulator on top. Place the unit onto a mug an pour boiling water into the regulator. The lid tops off the set and can be used as a drip catcher. Black, high quality plastic with foil filter. Note the silver coloured version is the new version, it works exactly the same as the gold coloured one and is a genuine SwissGold product!

SwissGold Coffee Filter - one cup, reusable - KF300