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Product description ------------------- DINABASE 7 GEL adhesive for dentures THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM instability In cases of situations of instability of the prosthesis, caused by anatomic or functional problems, the only solution is to resort to the use of an adhesive. But adhesives, both in pulp both in powder, have limitations, first of all, the seal prosthetic is limited to a few hours and there are strong probability of infiltration of food below the prosthesis, especially in cases of instability of the denture, and this causes the need cleaning at every meal. Furthermore,the adhesive action is basically only on the mucous membranes, whereas it is poor on the prosthesis, so during brushing takes place the removal of the adhesive, then with the need of use of new material at each cleaning. STABILITY GUARANTEED DinaBase7 is not a normal adhesive for dentures: its function, is not to "paste" the dentures to the gums, as do the normal adhesives, but instead to increase its stability. Just hang on DinaBase7 denture base with your fingers, without fearing the usual annoying "appicicamenti" various. Once the implant in the mouth, thanks to body temperature, DinaBase7 can go to fill all the gaps between the prosthesis and gums. The result is a soft, faithful as a footprint, which will give the implant a perfect fit and stability due to its "suction effect". LONG DURATION DinaBase7 is therefore the revolutionary seal prosthesis that, thanks to its "suction effect", provides, in one application, you 7 days of absolute tranquility. This means that, for 7 days, no longer need to reapply the adhesive and even to proceed with the laborious maneuvers related to be removed and replaced after every meal. You can remove, wash and brush the prosthesis, at will. After 7 days, it will be sufficient to immerse the denture in warm water for a few minutes, remove the old product and replace it with a new application. Nothing more simple, practical and safe! SEAL DENTURES Not only. Ingredients ----------- DinaBase7 E la dentiera non ? pi? un problema Materiale ribasante morbido in grado di riempire gli spazi vuoti sotto la dentiera, impedendo fastidiose infiltrazioni di cibo. Inoltre ?: INSAPORE: non altera il gusto degli alimenti. INVISIBILE: in quanto ha lo stesso colore delle gengive. UNIFORME: evita la comparsa di zone di pressione e l’accumulo di residui alimentari. ANAGLLERGICO: non causa all

Dinabase 7 Gel Adhesive rebasing dentures