• When vata goes out of balance in the digestive tract, it can lead to intestinal dryness, incomplete elimination, and unwanted retention of air. Vata Digest helps enkindle the digestive fire, promoting calmness and comfort in the GI tract for a better dining & post-digestive experience.*.
  • A tableted form of the classic Ayurvedic spice blend known as hingvastak, Vata Digest contains herbs and spices that are heating, grounding, and oily, which help to counteract the cold, dry nature of vata. Vata Digest stimulates the digestive fire and appetite, promoting the body's ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients while lubricating the intestines for smoother elimination.*.
  • Excess vata that is trapped in the colon and bowels can lead to mental agitation and stress. By helping release dryness and wind from the digestive system, and promoting regularity, Vata Digest can also benefit the mind and spirit by improving mood and one's overall sense of well-being.*.
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Digestion Formula for Vata* Vata Digest is the classical Ayurvedic formula known as Hingvastak. This vata-soothing combination of herbs supports the entire digestive process and is especially useful for those with vata predominant constitutions or vata digestive imbalances. Vata is cold, light, and dry, qualities that in excess can inhibit proper digestive function and create discomfort. Vata Digest contains herbs that are heating, grounding, and oily. They effectively counter the opposing vata qualities, creating balance. Vata Digest's heating quality enkindles the digestive fire, stimulates a healthy appetite, and helps ensure that nutrients are properly absorbed and assimilated. Its grounding quality helps calm the excessive air movement in the system that is characteristic of vata. The oil quality of the herbs supports the natural lubrication of the intestines, assisting in thorough and healthy elimination.*

Banyan Botanicals Vata Digest - 98% USDA Organic, 90 Tablets - Warming & Nourishing Digestive Aid - Calms Gas & Bloating*