• Quick Dissolve, Clear Background, Enriched Nutrients For Better Bacterial Growth, Please Check Out Our Sterile Petri Dishes To Get Them Delivered At Same Time.
  • Imported from USA.
Scientific Research Lab Grade Nutrient Agar Powder for growing bacteria, yeast, molds, and other micro-organisms. Total 12.5 grams nutrient agar containing Trypton / Peptone, Yeast Extract, NaCl, Pure Agar. This amount is for preparing 500 milliliter) liquid nutrient agar, which is enough for preparation of at least 25x petri dish (90x15mm) solid LB plates. Grow your bacteria, fungi, yeast with our high-standard reagents which are identical to the reagents used in scientific research labs. You can down-scale by the ratio of 100ml water+2.5gram nutrient agar. Autoclave or boil it until there is no visible particles, then pour/aliquot it into sterile petri dishes. After solidification (3 hours, best after overnight) the LB plates are ready to grow your interested bacteria, fungi, etc. With our quick dissolve nutrient agar you can easily make your LB plates which have clear background. With the transparent solid nutrient agar you can get best photos of your experiments. Please note 12.5 grams nutrient agar powder are packed into Ziplock bag.

Nutrient Agar, LB Agar, Lysogeny Broth Medium, for Preparation of LB Plates. Great for School Science Project.