• To Bring Your Lover Back!.
  • Comes in a 1.25 OZ reusable glass vial.
  • Hand Blended and made to order..
  • Includes Essential Oils, Woods and Herbs.
  • Imported from USA.
If you are longing for an Ex to return or your wish to mend and repair a damaged relationship, this Reconciliation herbal blend has been designed to help with both forgiveness, harmony and love. It's an ideal recipe to help with relationships that have been growing apart or for relationships that have been troubled by conflict and arguments. It's a powerful blend that can potentially bring someone back to you. Comes in a 1.25 oz reusable glass vial. Please note that this is NOT self-igniting. It's meant to be burned over a charcoal. It's a powerful tool for any type of love-reconciliation-forgiveness divination work. Reconciliation herbal blend can also be used in a number of other ways . It can be used as an incense or spiritual bath. It can also be boiled down and used as a floor wash or it can simply be put down in an area where your love interest will walk through it. You can sprinkle some outside your front door or feed a mojo bag with it. I personally like to use this blend in honey jars. You can also dress a divination candle with it. Another great old school hoodoo reconciliation method is to simply put some herbal blend in your shoe with a written petition. This particular blend is loaded with herbs and resins such as Mustard Seeds, Rose, Lavender, Thyme, a touch of Hyssop, Violet, Myrrh and a few other love/forgiveness related herbs. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.

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