• Pros-Aide II Adhesive for medical and professional film prosthetic applications.
  • Preferred adhesive in the medical, television and motion picture industries.
  • Specially formulated to be more gentle than Pros-Aide I Adhesive for sensitive skin while remaining extremely resistant to water, sweat and other moisture.
  • Non-toxic, latex free, water-based bond that is safe on skin.
  • Comes in a 1 ounce size.
  • Imported from USA.
Pros-Aide II Adhesive is a more gentle formulation, based on the original industry standard Pros-Aide I Adhesive, for affixing latex, foam latex, silicone, gelatin and other cosmetic and prosthetic components to skin. Pros-Aide II Adhesive is made for sensitive skin and for adhering accessories to more sensitive areas, such as the neck, back, and chest. The acrylic non-toxic, water-based adhesive lasts exceptionally well under all conditions, even when exposed to water, sweat and moisture and is safe on skin. Can also be combined with water-based paint to make PAX Paint or for totally waterproof glitter tattoos. Pros-Aide II Adhesive is available in 1 ounce container. To apply, gently shake Pros-Aide and apply a thin, even layer to the back of prosthesis or cosmetic appliance and to the surface of freshly cleaned skin with cotton swab or brush. When adhesive turns clear, position and firmly press appliance down on skin starting in the center and then smoothing out the edges. For removal, use Pros-Aide Adhesive Remover, which is specially designed to safely dissolve all Pros-Aide Adhesives. May also be removed with many adhesive solvents and removers. Do not apply Pros-Aide II near hair or eyes as it is very difficult to remove. Do not attempt to tear off adhesive as it will pull off skin. IMPORTANT NOTE: Freezing Pros-Aide II Adhesive will ruin product. Neither nor Pros-Aide assumes any responsibility in the case that such events take place due to cold temperature exposure.

Pros-Aide II Adhesive (1 oz)

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