• Awakes 99% of sleeping burgeons..
  • Can be used with Orchids, African violets, Hibiscus, Roses and many more..
  • Clones Phalaenopsis orchids from the flower stems..
  • Grows orchid babies (keikis)..
  • Not harmful to plants, pets, or people..
  • Imported from USA.
Cytokinine Paste Clon+ is a modern stimulating agent for effective awakening of sleeping flower burgeons, mostly orchids. Burgeons awakening is most effective on the flower-bearing stem of Phalaenopsis orchids. Recommendations for use: 1. Choose a sleeping burgeon on flower-bearing stem. 2. Carefully remove burgeons protective cover using a pair of pincers or a sharp blade. Be careful not to damage the stem. 3. Cover the bright green burgeon with a thin layer of cytokine paste. 4. Awakening is usually occurring within two weeks. If you want the burgeon to appear somewhere else on the stem, please follow these simple steps. 1. Scratch that particular place on the stem carefully with a sterile needle and cover the scratch with a thin layer of the CLON+ paste. 2. New burgeon should appear in 7-14 days. CLON+ is a product that stimulates orchids (as well as many other plants) to produce new shoots - also called "keikis" from the Hawaiian word means "baby". These “keikis” are identical to the parental plant from the point of view of genetics, which means that you can clone your precious and the best orchids to give as a gift, sell them to other orchid enthusiast or simply make a "backup" copy of your favorite plant in case of infection, disease or just in case if something will kill the original. Plants usually "know" when it's time to make a new “Keiki”; usually it's happening after the flower has bloomed. However, speaking in human terms, a lot of the plants are “lazy”, “stubborn”, or simply too old (just like humans), so they need a swift kick in the pseudo bulb to get them going. CLON+ paste is a modern and effective cytokine stimulating agent that gives them that swift kick.

Cytokinine Cloning Paste Stimulating Agent for Burgeon Awakening keiki Paste for Orchids