• Same as Fermaid K, but ORGANIC.
  • No need to add additional DAP.
  • Use for any type of fermentation.
  • Recommended for use in wine and mead.
  • 120 grams.
  • Imported from USA.
Fermaid O is a newer formulation of the same Fermaid K that winemakers everywhere have learned to trust their ferments to. The main difference in composition between the two, is that the Fermaid O has replaced the inorganic DAP with an organic source. In terms of how this benefits the winemaker, there are several points! Features: Organic Nitrogen is easier for your yeast to digest, resulting in a smoother, more consistent fermentation. Fewer fermentation spikes means better yeast health, and the ability to ferment to its full capacity. Compared to DAP, Fermaid O will result in lower heat output from the yeast, and lower levels of negative sulfur compounds. This is a nutrient which will boost the quality of wine, regardless of process. Lower heat production, less negative flavor compounds, better overall fermentation kinetics and flavors! To Use: Use at a rate of 1.5g / gal of must/juice.

Fermaid O, 120g (Organic Fermaid K)