• Exudate and debris is removed effectively..
  • IODOFLEX helps to promote a clean wound healing environment..
  • A change in color (white) indicates when IODOFLEX should be changed..
  • Gel formed over the wound promotes moist healing..
  • Accelerated healing rates can lead to earlier patient discharges..
  • Imported from USA.
IODOSORB Gel is a sterile formulation of Cadexomer Iodine. When applied to the wound, IODOSORB cleans it by absorbing fluids, removing exudate, slough and debris and forming a gel over the wound surface. As the gel absorbs exudate, iodine is released, killing bacteria and changing color as the iodine is used up.

Iodosorb Wound Gel, 40Gm Tube (0.9% Cadexomer Iodine),