• SuperComfort Rescue Powder and $8 Flossing Toothbrush: These two products help with teeth & gums problems. VERY EFFECTIVE because we specialize in using the best of modern research and ancient medicine in our formulas..
  • FLOSSING TOOTHBRUSH: Patented double-tiered, soft, dual-action bristles provide you with the most effective and safest brushing and flossing experience possible. The SHORTER, rounded bristles effectively brush all around teeth while massaging and remaining gentle on gums. The LONGER, tapered bristles clean deep between teeth and under gums removing plaque and reducing surface stains..
  • SuperComfort RESCUE POWDER: Our best-selling tooth/gum powder with organic/NonGMO verified ingredients and powerful herbs to help eliminate gum disease and help reverse gum recession. This powder helps stimulate circulation of the gums. This is an important aspect to creating good gum health because gums can get stagnate and this can contribute to gum problems..
  • POWDER: Contains powerful detoxifying clays, herbs & ancient Miswak all known to help reduce inflammation and related gum problems..
  • All Natural, Pure, Healthy Ingredients ONLY! -- NO glycerin to coat your teeth, NO fluoride, NO SLS -- Our non-GMO Xylitol is a proven inhibitor of bacteria and helps fight cavities. Bacterial overgrowth can cause plaque formation. It is important to use NON-GMO XYLITOL (99% of all xylitol used in dental care products is GMO-based).
  • Imported from USA.
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Gum Disease Help! Dental Rescue Combo - Rescue Tooth & Gum Powder & Effective Flossing Toothbrush - Helps Reduce Gum Recession, Helps to Remove Plaque, Helps with Gingivitis, Helps Bleeding Gums

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