• About this item.
  • 500pcs hair rigs stoppers, 5 x frames, each frame have 100pcs Dumbell Stops.
  • Frame size: 65mm x 50mm.
  • Material: plastic, color: clear shown as the picture.
  • Very strong and easy to use.
  • Dumbell bait stops are perfect for boilies, pellets, meat, corn or virtually any bait you want to hair rig..
  • Imported from USA.
Use for: Small rigid stick for carp fishing bait holding, bait lure stopper, Hair Rig Boilie Bait dumbell or V Stops; 5 Frames X Carp Fishing Stops Easy to get through the hair loop; Strong anti snap construction;

SAMSFX 500PCS Carp Fishing Hair Stops for Fishing Float Baitstops Boilie Stops Clear Color