• ALGAE CULTURE: In our labs in San Diego we grow algae and zooplankton cultures for most habitats on our planet (and perhaps Mars!)  We carry freshwater, brackish, marine, and extremophile cultures of algae. They grow to exhibit colorful pigments of red (phycoerythrin), orange (carotenoids), brown (fucoxanthin), blue green (phycocyanin), and our favorite->green (chlorophyll). Our algae strains have been selected because they are grown well in bottles and flasks..
  • SCIENCE PROJECT: Teachers, parents, and students - grow algae easily and get great results for inquiry-based projects. Because algae grow FAST experiments take a fraction of the time as land-plants (and algae is cooler!)  Great experiments:  toxicology, light quality, environmental changes, algae blooms.   Blog posts detail science-fair winners and other projects.  Students have sent our algae into SPACE THREE TIMES (would have been four, but the rocket exploded.. we still love you Space X.).
  • WHO WE ARE: Algae Research Supply is a small group of teachers and scientists with a mission of educating the next generations on aquatic science. Over 50% of the planet's oxygen comes from algae, however we are not emphasizing algae's importance in school- our mission is to make it EASY, AFFORDABLE, and REPEATABLE to teach algae in classrooms..
  • WHICH ONE TO PICK: Choose from culture, culture kit, farming kits, algae beads or Brainy Briny's. All items come with our Algae Culture Manual. CULTURE is simply cells of algae. CULTURE KIT is the culture, salts, nutrients, and a flask (in most kits). FARMING KIT is used to grow batches of algae to harvest biomass. ALGAE BEADS are concentrated cells in a gel used for classrooms. Brainy Briny's are a zooplankton and algae culture kit. Instructional videos at
  • SHIPPING INFO: We generally ship on Wednesdays and Fridays, orders received before 9:00am Pacific time will ship on those days. Please call if special requests are needed. Email us at or call us at 760-483-3626..
  • Imported from USA.
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Algae Research Supply Algae Culture Spirulina, Perfect for School Science Fairs/Projects, Experiments & Classrooms (50mL)