• The Ultimate Salt Gift Sampler for Chefs & Gourmet Cooks who Love Mouth Watering Dishes!!!.
  • This salt set provides delicious flavor combined with trace amounts of nutrients and minerals from this natural sea and mountain salt sampler!.
  • Unique test tube presentation looks wonderful on any countertop!.
  • Makes a GREAT GIFT for the seasoned chef or those who are just beginning to experiment with spices and salts!.
  • Give the gift of flavor this holiday season!.
  • Imported from USA.
The Ultimate Gift for Chefs, Gourmet Cooks, Foodies, Moms, Dads or anyone who enjoys delicious food! A conversation piece, this set will sit beautifully in any kitchen! For years, gourmet chefs in restaurants and households across the world, have been using locally harvested salts simply as a matter of convenience. However, these natural salts with trace amounts of nutritious minerals are quickly becoming an extremely sought after spice for the taste and the health benefits. Now is your chance to experience the health benefits and outstanding flavors of the world's best sea salts! In our starter kit you can sample many varieties from around the globe without leaving your own kitchen or ordering bulk quantities! Each salt is packaged in its own test tube containing approximately 1 ounce of natural sea salt. The whole package is neatly packed in a stainable, decorative wood tube holster. Each Decorative Set Contains 10 test tubes of varying flavors, textures and grains: Sonoma Pure White Sea Salt - White Color- Course Grain, Pacific Blue Flake Sea Salt - White Color-Flakey Texture/Grain, Sel Gris French Sea Salt - Gray Color-Course Grain, Redmond Real Pink Mountain Spring Salt - Pink Color - Very Fine Grain, The World Famous Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt - Pink Color - Fine Grain, Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt - Red Color- Course Grain, Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt - Green Color-Medium Grain, Habanero Heat Sea Salt - Tan Color-Medium Grain, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt - Brown Color - Course Grain, and Hawaiian Black Lava Salt - Black Color- Course Grain.

Gourmet Salt Gift Set - 10 Delicious, Natural Finishing Salts from across the Globe! - 10 Test Tube Sampler