• This showcase display lock was designed to clear extremely tight distances between solid glass panes and features easy-to-read, black pick resistant dials.
  • Combi-Ratchet sliding glass door locks give users dual access to the lock with easy to read dials and indicators – open the display lock with the combo or key.
  • The 4 dials on the Combi-Ratchet retail display lock give up to 10,000 possible combinations that are easy to reset – key will override if you forget the combo.
  • Control retail display cases with multiple ratchet locks all with different combinations and use one key for master access – will fit up to ½” glass thickness.
  • The Combi-Ratchet sliding glass door hardware is perfect as a display case lock, showcase lock, retail display lock, pet tank lock, shop display lock…etc..
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  • Imported from USA.
Increased Security Looking for dual access solution for display cases, glass showcase displays or even retail displays? Combi-Ratchet sliding glass door locks offer keyless convenience with option of master key access. Employee forgets their combination? No problem. Showcase display locks can still be removed with master key. Control multiple ratchet locks, all with different combinations with master key access. Choose a combination that is easy for you to remember. Be assured your code is secure with over 10,000 possible combinations on lock. Easy-to-Use Combi-Ratchet sliding glass door hardware features a secure ratchet display lock with 4-dials, 10,000 possible combinations. This innovative showcase lock provides keyless convenience with option of master key access. This jewelry display case lock employs 4-dial locking system, simple to use without sacrificing security. To open the retail display lock, simply enter your code and slide lock on ratchet lock bar. To lock showcase display lock, slide lock closed and spin dials to random set of numbers. Easy Installation Display case locks are easy to install. Typically sliding panels have right panel on front track typical of jewelry case locks. If left panel is on front track, reverse panels. Attach ratchet bar to rear panel. Tighten two thumb screws. Slide lock body on ratchet bar until secure against right panel. Glass showcase locks fit any glass display case with maximum glass thickness of ½”. Applications include glass sliding door locks, showcase locks or retail displays. Ratchet lock is designed with extremely tight clearances to resist shims and other picking tools. Included with Sliding Glass Door Lock * Combination Ratchet Lock * Ratchet Bar * Master Key Glass Showcase Lock Dimensions * Lock Length 4-1/2” * Width is 1-1/4” * Lock Height – 1-1/8” * Maximum Glass Thickness – 1/2” * Ratchet Bar – ½ wide

Combi-Ratchet 7865S 4-Dial Sliding Combination Ratchet Lock with Key Override for Glass Display Cases